Recovery Story

Joy’s Story

Hello, my name is Joy.  I worked for a bank for 27 years and was always a pretty happy, easy-going person.  In 2001 I started experiencing depression which escalated to such an extent that I had to take early retirement due to ill health.  My little girl, Charlotte, was 7 by then.  I would get …

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James’ Story

I started to become unwell when I was 12 years old and I was referred to mental health services when I was 13.  In total, I’ve been accessing support from mental health services for 10 years. Before I was diagnosed with severe OCD I struggled with daily life; I couldn’t complete tasks like getting dressed …

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Daniel’s Story

I have worked on and off throughout the years but have sometimes struggled to maintain my employment due to my severe depression. I was referred to Working Well Trust at the end of December 2018 and met with my employment specialist (ES) in the first week of January. I said I was interested in part-time …

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Laura’s Story

My name is Laura I am 39 years old, live in Bradford and I have been receiving support from mental health services since 2017.  I was referred to the IPS Employment service by my care co-ordinator following a discussion about returning to work.     I had been without paid employment since 2013 when I worked …

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Julie’s Story

I was referred to the Employment Service in August 2019 on completion of my university degree. I felt ready to start working but felt I needed support to begin my journey into paid employment in an area that would enable me to utilise my psychology degree in some capacity. I had volunteered at various places …

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Adam’s Story

I first met my Employment Specialist Ash with my Care Co-ordinator Tilly. Tilly had talked to me about Enable and I was given the opportunity to meet with someone from the team before I was referred – to learn more about what they did. Once I was referred, my first meeting with Ash focused on …

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