Commissioning IPS

Support & Resources

The following tools and guidance are intended for CCG and Local Authority commissioners, but will also be of use to providers of mental health services, third sector, and other organisations.

These documents provide guidance for commissioners of mental health and employment services across primary and secondary mental health care. They also include a set of practical tools for how to commission a high-quality service, such as a model service specification and a financial model template. 

All of the below tools require modification and adaptation to fit local needs and comply with local requirements.

Commissioning Guidance

Guidance on commissioning mental health and employment services.

Setting up an IPS Service

Advice on how to set up an IPS service

Procurement Guidance

Briefing note on the procurement of IPS services.

Model Method Statement

Template IPS procurement method statement.

Model Service Specification - Internal

Template specification for procurement of IPS services (internal service)

Model Service Specification - External

Template specification for procurement of IPS services (externally, no internal IPS service)

Finance Model Template

A template IPS procurement finance model

Costs and Outcomes Calculator

Tool to calculate indicative service cost, workforce requirement and outcomes targets.

LTP Planning - 5 Step Guide

5 step guide for commissioners to support with LTP commitments

Clinical Engagement Tool

Briefing note or poster for clinicians to share the benefits of IPS.

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