ASAPComplete research and reading on fidelity reviewsFidelity manual
2 months beforeBook a call with reviewer to discuss the aims of the review and partnership agreement (service to sign & return)Partnership agreement
2 months beforeInformation governance arrangedInformation Governance
2 months beforeConsider interviewees for the review and begin to make contact with relevant peopleAgenda tick list
At least 2 months beforeCreate a portfolio of evidence to present for reviewExamples of evidence
1 month beforeCreate a plan for sharing evidence if the review is virtual
3 weeks before reviewAudit portfolio of evidence to identify and rectify any gapsExamples of evidence
2 weeks before reviewCreate a fidelity timetable and send to reviewerAgenda tick list
2 weeks before reviewComplete fidelity performance snapshot document and send to lead reviewerPerformance data

Fidelity review
2 weeks before reviewBook catch up call with
lead reviewer
REVIEW DAYDays of reviewFidelity Review Questions
Within 4 weeksReport is written & moderated, then presented to service on a callBlank report
Within 1 weekService to review report and send any further evidence for individual items where neededService feedback
Within 2 weeksIPS Grow and service will delete any personal data relating to the review
Within 6 weeksService completes fidelity action plan in partnership with reviewerBlank action plan
Within 5
Technical support will be agreed and delivered

Please use this link to access the checklist for the fidelity tasks.