data & Reporting

A range of support and resources are available to  IPS services to help them develop and deliver high-quality evidence-based employment services. On this page you can find out about some of the support available and download tools to help your service keep track of data and report to different stakeholders.

The following tools and templates are free-to-access resources for IPS teams and practitioners.  IPS Grow provide a standardised solution for IPS case management and performance management designed to help with creating monthly and quarterly reports for stakeholders at different levels. So you can save time and focus on delivering IPS effectively.

Standard Spreadsheet & Data Definitions

  • Manage your caseload
  • Collect data in line with IPS guidance
  • Update your dashboard
  • Submit reports

IPS Reporting Tool

  • Monitoring your team's performance
  • Drill down by employment specialist for supervisions
  • Track service quality for Fidelity reviews
  • Give Commissioners access to your dashboard
  • Submit reports

Why use these tools?

Deliver best practice IPS

There is a wide variation in IPS services in the UK. IPS Grow provides best practice tools and templates to help you deliver IPS to the highest standard and get the best outcomes for your clients.

See how well you’re doing

IPS fidelity reviews are a way of measuring whether a service is delivering best practice IPS. Evidence has shown that services with higher fidelity scores tend to get better job outcomes for their users. The tools below can help you prepare for a fidelity review and get the best results.

Identify and implement improvements

Along with fidelity reviews, IPS Grow encourages services to measure their outcomes in a standard way to enable benchmarking and support services to improve. The tools provided can help you measure your outcomes consistently and assess performance regularly. This will help you identify opportunities for growth, and implement improvements. 

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