IPS Reporting Tool

Users will still be able to log in and use the full tool functionality, for example to calculate outcomes and generate dashboards. However, there will be no technical support available in case of technical issues with the tool. This includes new user sign-ups, password resets, user setting changes, or bug fixes.

Extensive information on resolving issues will continue to be available via the IPS Grow website. This includes detailed guidance on the tool and FAQs. Services are encouraged to check these resources and use the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform to seek peer support where needed.

Most services currently use either the Reporting Tool or returns to regional teams to for quarterly reporting to NHSE/I. From April 2021, all services will need to report IPS outcomes via the MHSDS. Guidance on how to achieve this is available on the NHS Futures Platform here

IPS Grow Leads continue to be a key point of contact for services though they will not be able to offer in-depth support on the Reporting Tool. There will also be no dedicated IPS data support in the IPS Grow team

We are exploring opportunities to fund support for tool users and wider support on IPS data and outcomes reporting and will update you as soon as we have further information

Please contact your IPS Grow Lead if you have any questions. Thank you for your understanding and your commitment to IPS

IPS Grow Reporting Tool

The IPS Grow Reporting Tool can help you manage your data and report to different stakeholders. It is a web-based tool where you can upload spreadsheets to analyse your team’s performance and generate reports.

Reports can be created for a range of stakeholders (CCG, Local Authority, STP, Regional, National) – saving you a significant amount of time for monthly and quarterly reporting and for the monitoring of progress for those in Wave 1 and Wave 2.

IPS working

Easy monitoring of progress and activity

Designed to save you time when reporting to different stakeholders

Produces auto-populated visual charts

The Reporting Tool Can Be Used To:​​

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