Standard Spreadsheet & Data Definitions

The IPS Grow Standard Spreadsheet has been designed in partnership with providers, commissioners and national stakeholders to cut down what is being collected to focus only on information that is used for decision-making and to drive consistency in data collection in the IPS sector. This is the recommended method for IPS services to record client information for reporting purposes.

You can download the IPS Standard Spreadsheet below, and use it in conjunction with the IPS Reporting Tool to create reports and monitor your team’s performance.  More details on adopting the IPS Grow Standard Spreadsheet or adjusting your existing spreadsheet can be found in the Guidance Document and the FAQs below.

Download the latest Standard Spreadsheet below:

Download the Spreadsheet Guidance below:

KPIs & Outcomes Framework

IPS Grow have developed an IPS key performance and outcomes framework to provide high level guidance and recommended key performance indicators (KPIs) and outcomes for new and mature services. It is intended that these guidelines should inform discussions with Commissioners and IPS teams.

Contract KPIs and targets set by commissioners may vary from these based on local need and variation. The guidelines also include recommendations around measuring job retention outcomes.

Spreadsheet FAQs:

IPS Reporting Tool

For IPS service to report and monitor team performance there is an IPS Reporting Tool

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