CoP & National Workshop Calendar

CoP & National Workshop 2021 - 2022 Calendar

From August 2021, we are offering a wide range of training with content aimed primarily at Team Leaders and Senior Managers but it will also be relevant for Senior Employment Specialists or those seeking a career development opportunity. Training slides will be made available following sessions so that attendees can cascade learning to their teams.

For Employment Specialists, we will be using the current ED Drop-in sessions to focus on key specific topics including bitesize training where relevant. We will continue to develop new training as required and really welcome suggestions for future topics.

The delivery of Communities of Practice has also changed, you will notice that there are two COP’s falling in the months of in July, February and May.  The same topic will be delivered at both COP’s, but it gives you two opportunities to be able to attend.  Attendance at the July, February and May COP’s will follow the same format as the Training.

Please see the attached IPS Grow calendar below, which includes both dates and access to our Communities of Practice and Training

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