Resources & Templates

A range of support and resources are available to IPS services to help them develop and deliver high-quality evidence-based employment services. 

The following tools and templates on this page are free-to-access resources for IPS teams and practitioners. Not all tools will necessarily be suitable for every service; feel free to draw on those you find helpful for inspiration as well as any others you may require during the development and delivery of your service. Remember to always adapt the tools to local requirements or regulations. 


Introduction to the IPS Grow operational tools

Referral form

Template form where a written referral is required.

Honorary contract application

This form could be used within a Trust when an external provider is delivering the IPS service.

Honorary contract offer letter

Outline honorary contract to allow an external organisation’s IPS specialist work within a Trust.

Template partnership agreement

Template agreement between the commissioner, Mental Health Trust and the IPS service provider.

Vocational profile

This can help to explore and identify the service users’ job goals.

Vocational action plan

This plan aims to set out the steps needed to achieve the long term job goal.

IPS Key Performance & Outcomes Framework

This framework provides high level guidance and recommended KPIs and outcomes for new and mature services.

Job canvassing sheet

This form could be used by a service user to track their job canvassing activity if helpful.

Personal information

Pros and cons of sharing health information with an employer.

Skills development review

This template allows the Employment Specialist and the service user to review progress regularly.

In work support plan

Plan to give a job placement the best chance of success.

Job verification form

To support collection of evidence for job outcomes, where required.

Supervision form

This aims to promote reflective practice by employment specialists.

Employer contact log

To help employment specialists track their employer engagement activity.

Monitoring referrals

This tool outlines a way for you to monitor/analyse where your referrals are coming from.

Service delivery tips

This guide offers suggestions on ways to best build a IPS service and engage with relevant stakeholders.

IPS description for clinicians

This template aims to provide a basic introduction to an IPS service aimed at an audience of clinical staff.

IPS tool for clinicians

A guide and tool for clinicians to explore employment goals with service users.

Wellness Action Plan (WAP)

A Wellness Action Plan (WAP) between employer and employee to support total wellbeing.

Recovery Story - Template

A template on what to include in a Recovery Story

Recovery Story - Consent

Consent form for gathering and sharing Recovery Stories

Recovery Stories

The Power of a Recovery Story

IPS Reporting Tool

This tool is for IPS Services to report and monitor team performance and service delivery

Looking for something else?

Most of our key resources in terms of service mobilisation and delivery are stored on the IPS Workspace on the FutureNHS Collaboration Platform. Please join the workspace below or contact us for any specific resources or templates at

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