Jan Hadfield – South West IPS Grow Lead

Jan joined IPS Grow in March 2021 as the Regional Lead for the South West England. Jan has worked in supported employment since 2015.  She set up a successful IPS service in Herefordshire, developing close working relationships with the Herefordshire Mental Health Trust and achieving a high level of fidelity in the services first year. Jan has worked as Employment Specialist and Team Leader, so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to IPS Grow.

Jan’s career path shows a strong direction in supporting people to grow and achieve. Having worked with playgroup aged children, teen’s and adults. Jan has a positive outlook and looks for an individual’s strengths. She has a can-do attitude and a very strong passion for IPS. ‘I love the various roles that I have had in IPS. Meeting a very anxious and nervous client for the first time, building trust, finding the right employment for them and watching their confidence grow, but equally working with and learning from, enthusiastic members of the IPS and Clinical teams’. 

Jan has first-hand, seen the impact of mental health on family members and the positive impact of the right working environment to support mental health recovery.    

Outside of work Jan enjoys time with her family, loves any form of exercise and has a passion for complementary therapies. Jan also likes to blow the cobwebs from her hair with a blast on her motorbike. 

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