Lynne Miller – National IPS Grow Lead

Lynne trained as an Occupational Rehabilitation Counsellor in Australia and gained several years in case practice experience with the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service before moving into Leadership roles.

Lynne has experience of leading and developing a range of evidenced based employment services in the public, private and third sector in the UK and Australia. This includes 20 years of experience in senior management roles.  Before joining IPS Grow, Lynne spent 14 years developing IPS services from scratch across 5 London boroughs at Central and NW London NHS Foundation Trust.

This included the development of an internal Employment Service to help people access jobs within the Trust, and IPS services in primary care.

Lynne has developed and delivered a range of IPS training, open days for international visitors, workshops, and has experience of carrying out IPS Fidelity Reviews for a range of services.

Lynne’s hope for IPS Grow is that we bring services together across the IPS industry to share learning and practice, build consistency across services, whilst also supporting innovation and continuous improvement. Ensuring that we support services in getting the right results for people accessing IPS.


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