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Adam’s Story

I first met my Employment Specialist Ash with my Care Co-ordinator Tilly. Tilly had talked to me about Enable and I was given the opportunity to meet with someone from the team before I was referred – to learn more about what they did.

Once I was referred, my first meeting with Ash focused on building rapport, how my MH affected me, and starting to think about how we would work together.

I was very nervous at the first meeting and also quite skeptical as to whether Enable would be able to find me anything or even whether employment was the right thing for me to do. Would they be able to deal with all of my cant’s / don’ts/wont’s etc

By the end of the meeting, I felt exhausted – all I did was sit and talk, but I still felt exhausted.

My mental health was very bad when I first met Ash – my anxiety was through the roof. I was having regular suicidal thoughts, couldn’t socialise, couldn’t spend time with my family – I struggled to do anything. I thought that work was years away in the future and would be physically sick at the thought of going out with friends or family.

Having Tilly my Care Co-ordinator pick me up and take me to the meeting made all the difference and made that first meeting possible.

“My dream goal was to get back into admin work and a safe office environment, but at this stage I didn’t really believe I had the capacity to do this –  I didn’t believe this goal was in sight at the time.”

Societal expectations were a big part of my motivation for wanting to work – it is something everyone else did, I felt the absences and lack of things in my life, like the feeling of getting up and going into work, going out with friends and enjoying yourself. I also wanted back the life I had previously had which included work. I wanted to get back on to the ladder of normality and purpose.


I had a yearning for purpose – a greater meaning in my life, something that’s mine – a desk, a phone an email address. Things that others take for granted.


I couldn’t drive and couldn’t use public transport due to my anxiety levels. I didn’t have the ability to look for jobs and spot the potential in myself –  I could only see the negatives. I couldn’t complete application forms – the act of selling yourself and blowing your own trumpet, I didn’t even feel as if I had a trumpet. I felt that I was not worth anything and this negativity had become ingrained in me. In other jobs – I had been physically sick whilst at work up to 5 times a day. 

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The first few meetings were joint meetings with Tilly – building that rapport and trust. She was able to help me answer questions – my memory  back then was terrible –  so Tilly was able to help with this. Having Tilly there made a big difference.

Ash and I then started to then meet out in the community at a café near where I live – this helped me to get used to leaving the house and being in public. If the weather was nice we would go for a walk, which also helped with my mental wellbeing. When I couldn’t leave the house Ash was able to come and see me. The support I was given was very much catered to what I needed and what suited me.

Ash was able to connect with me and would ask about my family and how the weekend had been. I didn’t feel like a client but more like a friend – from a human perspective it was important to feel this way.


In our meetings  – we would look at employers in the local area to build up ideas of employers I might be able to get to and where I would like to work. We discussed different possibilities and the focus was very much on paid work from the start. Ash would support me with applications – it was very useful to be able to do this with someone who believes in your worth and believes in what you have to offer.

We also looked at my triggers and used my experiences from my previous role. We agreed that finding something less sales focused, and more customer focused would help with my anxieties. Also finding a role where I could have a desk near to a bathroom – just in case.

I applied for a role with a large employer as an Admin Officer and was offered an interview.  Ash set up a mock interview with 2 other Employment Specialists from the IPS team – they used the Job Description and Person Specification and tailored the interview questions based on what the employer was likely to ask.


I wore my suit and I was very much in the mindset of an interview: how do I tie a tie, were my shoes clean, are my trousers ironed? This meant that all of these worries were taken care of in advance – allowing me to be more focused and relaxed at the actual interview.

I am still supported by Ash.

A few months into the role I was having some issues with another member of staff – Ash was able to organise a meeting with myself, my line manager and my team manager and was able to support me to express my concerns and to agree on a strategy as to how to overcome these concerns.

I wouldn’t have been able to get into employment, never mind into a good role like this without Ash. This is the first job I have had where I am not on the lowest rung of the hierarchy. It is full-time and not an entry-level position.

My mum and Dad’s expectations of me were hugely exceeded.

“Work has been a whole life line to me”

The alarm goes off at 7.22am, there is a job that needs doing so you get up and go. It has restored my confidence – my friends say that I am a different person. I can now go out with friends and family at the drop of a hat  – I feel more like my old self. I am able to do things with my niece and nephew again. I am getting back into driving again. I have been able to save and start thinking about getting my own place.

I have a network of support – not just through Ash but in work as well – there are people who know about me and my condition. I am one of the popular people in work – it has given me a new lease of life. 

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