Resilience Stories during COVID-19 Lockdown

Resilience Story: Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Natalie Hall –(IPS Employment Specialist) from Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust has shared some powerful feedback from how the IPS service has supported one of her clients during lockdown:

“I had been jumping from job to job, I was stuck in the hospitality sector because it was all I was qualified to do but it wasn’t good for my mental health and I never felt I could look for something more. The hospitality sector was unsociable and ruining relationships with my family and friends. I was really passionate about going into a caring role but did not think it could be done without going to college or university.
I got a job in a pub and Natalie still continued to encourage me to find something better suited to me and support my mental health and I went on to find working in a care setting.

The changes it has had on my life are incredible, even with my family and relationships- I never thought that a job would have this positive effect on my mental health.

Natalie supported me to tell my manager about my mental health and supported me to have difficult conversations with my manager which enabled me to have supported time off to attend appointments and my DBT sessions, which by attending means I can continue to work and improve my mental health as they help to keep me well.

When I got the job, the support continued and is still there now and I find it really useful and comforting. I have built up a great relationship with Natalie.
I am so grateful for all Natalie has done, I have never had employment support and it has been amazing, even my family have noticed a difference in me. I would recommend it to everyone”

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