Resilience Stories during COVID-19 Lockdown

Resilience Story: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Amanda McKenzie – Team Manager at Calderdale Mental Health and Employment IPS Team from South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust shares a good news story of how the IPS service has supported someone into work during lockdown:

Lorraine had not worked for 6 years and has a history of contact with mental health services over the last 12 years, and an HCP in the Core Team who referred her to the IPS service in March 2020 when she said she wanted to gain paid work.
The ES (Bryan) worked intensively with Lorraine to complete a Vocational Profile and identify preferences and strengths around work and life goals. Lorraine identified short and long term employment goals; to continue with an Open University degree that would eventually lead to working in a school with children but to get a cleaning job to build confidence and work experience in the meantime. Due to the lock-down and social distancing, the ES used phone calls and video conferencing to coach and support Lorraine both in preparation for work and around the application and interview process.
Lorraine was successful in gaining a cleaning job on the 23.3.20, which she is very happy with and is working 10 hours per week during the evenings. This means she is able to continue to complete the university degree and maintain hope around her longer term employment goals. The employment specialist continues to support her with weekly calls and have set clear goals for the short, medium and long term. These include sourcing past history that may become a barrier to achieving these goals and was something that Lorraine had been extremely worried about. The ES is able to provide coaching and specialist information about how this can be overcome.

“Bryan is my favourite person, he has continued to support me whilst I have been working, allowing me to talk through my role and what jobs I do. He also offers me guidance regarding my long term career aspirations, but doing that bit extra so that I am in control and working with me to overcome any potential barriers that there may be. The IPS service is not just there to get you a job but a job that I enjoy and to support me with my goals for the future also.’’

Lorraine – IPS Service User

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