Resilience Stories during COVID-19 Lockdown

Resilience Story: South West London & St George's Mental Health Trust

Janet Wilson – Employment Specialist from South West London and St Georges MH Trust has shared a captivating recovery story for a client she’s been working with during lockdown:

I began working with a client in February, who had previously worked in the Shard, Central London, as a Customer Services Representative, before the toxic environment at work led to a breakdown in her mental health. She left her job and decided she really needed time to recover so we began small steps towards getting her back into a similar role elsewhere.

I was really worried that the timing of the lockdown was going to be an additional harm to her recovery because she had needed a lot of encouragement to consider going back into the workplace. Along with the hospitality sector being really badly hit. But what it did do was inspire her to look for support and opportunities on-line.

She started by joining an on-line art class, to help her relax, and then in late March she advised me that she had found and enrolled onto a TEFL course, which would take her about 5 weeks to complete. She explained that she felt it would give her confidence, continue her customer service skills and help others whilst her industry recovered.

The great news is that she passed the course, and last week started teaching and earning. Her hours are variable, but this works for her, and I believe this will be a great boost to her confidence whilst looking good on her CV.  There are a number of online organisations offering TEFL courses, with ready and waiting clients. So this might be an alternative employment option for other clients too.

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