Resilience Stories during COVID-19 Lockdown

Resilience Story: Working Well Trust

Brian was referred to Working Well Trust (WWT) in January 2020 after expressing that he would like support with finding new employment. 

During the first meeting, the Employment Specialist (ES) and Brian discussed his previous experience of working as a Teacher with pupils who had special educational needs, working as a Support Worker and working in a retail environment.  Brian talked about not being sure where he would like to go next but that he has always enjoyed working with people and supporting them.  Brian talked about his previous roles all being from recommendations and that it makes him nervous to think about interviews. The ES explained that this is something she can support with.  

As Brian wasn’t sure the types of roles he would like to focus on, the ES spent time with him picking out bits of different roles he liked and disliked in the past. They edited his CV and created a general cover letter with his experience. After a couple of weeks of working together, Brian had to have an operation, however the ES and Brian continued to work together remotely. The ES supported him with exploring the jobs he would like to pursue. 


After a number of weeks, the UK went into lockdown because of the Covid-19 outbreak, and Brian had to shield due to having a number of health conditions.  

The ES and Brian continued telephone appointments, searching for and applying for roles.  Brian would often comment on the fact that he has had varied work experience and that this may negatively impact him in gaining new employment. However, together with the ES, he would look at different job roles that best suit his experience.   Brian expressed wanting to look for a role in retail or visual merchandising and they have decided to focus on this as this is the role he has enjoyed the most. 

The ES will continue to support Brian with finding the right role for him.  

‘Speaking with my ES and looking for work throughout lockdown has really helped with my mental health. I take a long time to make a decision and this is sometimes detrimental and overwhelming which makes my anxiety and mental health issues worse. My ES keeps me focused on which option I want to focus on and calms me down to think rationally about employment and follow that path, focusing my attention. I find it hard to trust people and I trust her and know she has my best interests at heart to support me in finding new employment.’ 

Brian – IPS Client

Working Well Trust support people with mental health issues, Autism (ASD) and learning difficulties to return to work: 

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