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Below we have shared the experiences of people using IPS services. These recovery stories showcase how  Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Services have helped many people into paid employment and rebuild their lives despite facing challenges.

Whether someone is right at the beginning of their journey, or possibly experiencing a setback, hearing a recovery story from someone in a similar situation can provide the extra hope and encouragement they need.  Similarly, these stories can have a real impact on those in the public including potential employers, staff within community mental health teams, friends, and family.

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Adam has continued to develop and shine and it is a testament to the dedication of Ash (IPS Employment Specialist) and Enable. Without their invaluable intervention and help, Adam would not find himself in the favourable and encouraging position he is in today.. A few years ago, we as parents could not see a light at the end of the tunnel for Adam, and we could only dream of him being in such a brilliant place today.
Parent Testimonial of an IPS Client
The support service has been fantastic. They helped me to rewrite my cv and create a template for cover letters. On top of that we discussed any roles I found online so that we could determine their suitability. Knowing Ella could contact them on my behalf or as an advisor meant I could get a feel for their level of flexibility and real attitudes to adaptability. Being able to run my application past Ella first gave me the confidence to apply online for jobs. And when I did get an interview Ella helped prepare me for what to expect and even researched the company in detail with me. It all paid off when I got my new role at a company I love. Working has transformed my life in a really positive way and given me more purpose. The in-work support Ella provides enables me to air my concerns and to know my rights at work to ensure it works for me. Overall it’s a brilliant service and so far removed from a recruiter service. It’s exactly what I needed to get my life back on track and I’m enormously grateful to Ella for the hard work she has put in to help this happen.
IPS Client - Hillside Clubhouse

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