Mental health is a national issue


of people living with severe mental illness want to work


are in paid employment

We're closing that gap

For people who need mental health support, getting back into work is a vital step in their recovery journey

That’s why we’re looking for people to join a community mental health team as an IPS Employment Specialist, to champion our mission and help people who need mental health support – your clients – get back into work.

Why choose a career in IPS?

This is an incredibly rewarding role. You will have the opportunity to transform the lives of your clients, to give them hope, direction, and support their recovery journey.

Help people fulfill their dreams

Finding suitable work can transform people’s lives, especially people with mental health issues. As an IPS specialist, you will discover what people dream to do, and then help them make it a reality. 

Unleash your creativity

You’ll work with a huge variety of people with different interests, skills, and barriers. You’ll need to be creative and resourceful to help every one of your clients achieve their goals. 

Work with others

You’ll be an employment expert in a team of mental health professionals. That means working with clinicians, service users, employers, and others to get the best outcomes for your clients.

Together, we’re creating a more inclusive society and transforming the lives of people living with mental health needs.

Why use IPS?

Suitable work is good for wellbeing Getting back into employment can be a vital part of a recovery journey. People experiencing severe mental illness who find paid work show reduced symptoms, gain financial independence, and have improved quality of life.

IPS works – Compared with traditional support, IPS has been proven in numerous studies to help more people with severe mental illness back into work more quickly. On average, people receiving IPS keep their jobs longer, earn more, and spend less time in hospital. That’s why NICE recommends mental health services to provide IPS to their users.

IPS helps you get a job that meets your needsIPS employment specialists tailor their support to each individual so that clients have the best chance of achieving their job aspirations. Advisers have low caseloads so they have time to offer clients intensive support.

Do you want to become part of someone's recovery journey?

We’re looking for people to:

  • Find opportunities
  • Enable recovery 
  • Transform futures

To Succeed

You don’t need any formal clinical qualifications to transform the life of somebody living with mental illness. What you do need is the resilience, empathy and determination to open doors, challenge prejudice, and champion the skills and talents of individuals who just need someone to believe in them.

As an IPS Employment Specialist, you’ll help people living with mental illness find paid employment. You have the power the speed up recovery and change lives.


“One moment you are working closely with IPS clients to set goals, refine their CVs, or practice interview techniques; the next, you’re discussing roles with employers.. then you may be attending a meeting with the clinical team – an IPS Employment Specialist never has the same day twice.”

Who will you work with?

As an IPS Employment Specialist you will be working with individuals with mental health challenges who are looking to secure employment.

Hear their story

My Employment Specialist helped me so much. I am a different person thanks to their help and support. I am more confident and am now a counsellor which I would never have dreamed that I could do, a big thank you – IPS Client

could you change a life?

Together, we’re creating a more inclusive society and transforming the lives of people living with mental health needs.

IPS Grow - Change Minds. Change Lives.