Work Talk is a podcast series delivered by IPS Grow.  A podcast where we bring to you a range of expert comments and insights into IPS (Individual Placement and Support), real-life stories, best practice, mobilisation tips, and mental health knowledge.

Through this podcast, we hope to bring the IPS Community together to offer support and share learning as we raise awareness for the role of employment in mental health and its place in the recovery journey.

Partnership Working

In this episode, we hear from Kate Bones (Director of OT at Sussex Partnership MH Trust) and Martin Dominy (Head of Service, Mental Health and Employment Support at Southdown). Together, they share their learning around good partnership working together and how they relied on each other to meet targets and ambitions to grow the IPS service.

Adapting IPS Services In Response To COVID-19

In this episode, we hear from Paul Dorrington (Lead Employment Specialist from South West London & St George’s Mental Health Trust) who provides a ‘deep dive’ insight into how South West London and St George’s MH Trust are adapting to the current circumstances.

An Insight Into The Recruitment Market During Lockdown

In this episode, we speak with Tina Rycroft, Employability Speaker and Recruitment Expert from The Plus Team Training. Tina shares an insight into the recruitment market during lockdown – how Employment Specialists can be adapting their approach in the current climate and what they should be considering for the future.

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