At this time, I was living with my parents and sibling in a challenging environment which was not good for my health and wellbeing and on occasion could not fully commit to putting myself out there in the job market as I had no real support at home.

Jackie conducted in-depth interviews with me about my likes and dislikes at work, what I enjoyed doing and what skills I had and what would be my ideal job.

I trained as a joiner and am adept at using hand and power tools, I also have a lifelong interest in cars and bikes which I can build from scratch.  We discussed joinery roles but also delivery driver roles as I did not think I could commit to full-time employment, a driving role would have suited me only for the hours and I also like driving, Jackie engaged with a number of employers for delivery driver roles which if I am truthful after a couple of interviews, I did not feel they were the right sort of job for me.

Jackie carried out job searching with me and found a joinery role for a local company, the job paid 27,300pa you were given a van petrol allowance etc. After Jackie had done some finding out from the employer, she asked me about disclosure and disclosing my information to the employer about my mental health (PTSD) I agreed that this could be disclosed and Jackie found out that the company massively invest in mental health and there was already someone in their employ with PTSD, this gave me the confidence to apply for this role.

I cannot express enough how good the support I have received from Jackie; she has picked me up when I am down and encouraged and supported me from the very start of my time with Positive Assets, I would recommend this service to anyone.

Jackie and I worked on my CV to fit the essential criteria for the role, and I was given an interview for the 22 March 2021. Jackie and I worked on the interview skills required and I was encouraged and supported throughout the whole process. I was successful at the interview and commenced employment on 29 March 2021.